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Investment and Growth


Thurrock is currently undergoing one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe, making it a magnet for growth and investment.

The development happening over the next ten years will ensure Thurrock’s success for years to come, and will establish Thurrock as a place of opportunity, enterprise and excellence, where individuals, communities and businesses flourish.

A £6.6billion investment will create an estimated 14,000 new homes and 31,450 jobs across a number of locations. This will include many new teaching jobs, and it is expected that by 2019 Thurrock will require a large number of primary and secondary school teachers.

The development is due to take place across 6 growth hubs, with each hub being crucial to the economy of the borough. Development will take place across a vital range of areas making sure the new growth benefits Thurrock in its entirety.

Projects vary from the modernisation of historic towns, such as Tilbury, Purfleet and Grays, to exciting developments such as the Thames Enterprise Park, which will provide a base for ground-breaking businesses to expand and innovate.