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Affordable key worker housing now available for new Thurrock teachers

As a young teacher one of the hardest parts of securing your first teaching job is usually finding suitable and affordable housing, particularly if you want to live in or around London.

In order to solve this problem Thurrock Council have launched a new initiative which will provide invaluable shared accommodation during the first year of employment to Thurrock key workers (teachers, social workers, nurses and physiotherapist).

The scheme will benefit prospective Thurrock teachers in lots of ways. Teachers living in key worker housing will pay reduced rent and deposit, since the costs are divided amongst three or four other people. The average rent of a three bedroom house in Grays is £1227 per month. In key worker housing this equates to £90 per person per week, which is exceptional value considering Thurrock’s close proximity to London.*

Living in key worker housing will also mean that when you move to Thurrock you will immediately meet other recruits facing similar circumstances. This will be particularly useful if you don’t have local connections and are new to the area.

Key worker housing is also not just for junior recruits. All single staff and couples with no children particularly those moving into the area from other parts of the UK or abroad, can apply for the shared accommodation.

Spaces will be allocated to key workers who meet the following criteria:

  • Newly qualified or junior front line staff
  • Recruited to work within Thurrock on a new permanent contract
  • Employed by the NHS or Thurrock Council
  • Unable to reasonably access their own accommodation

Applicants will need to be approved by a Director or CEO for their organisation by an agreed eligibility criteria and would be reassessed at the point of offer by the housing team to ensure that they still qualify.

In the key worker housing agreement the monthly rent needs to be paid in advance by standing order direct to the management company rent, this may be able to be arranged via a direct payment from the employee’s salary with their consent.  Candidates will be provided with a one year Assured Short hold Tenancy (private tenancy).  At the end of the year, candidates will be expected to find their own accommodation.

The shared accommodation will be with 2 or 3 other key workers.  The initial accommodation will be in Tilbury on the St Chads brand new development site, however as the scheme develops more properties will be procured.  As Thurrock is undergoing one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe, there are many places from which the Council could obtain new properties for key worker housing in Thurrock.

If you are interested in key worker housing and want to find out more, please contact Sue Lamkin on 01375 652744 or send an email to

*Average price for Grays in March 2017 –