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About Thurrock

Thurrock lies on the River Thames, just to the east of London and on the southern tip of Essex. A unitary authority area with borough status, it was given independence from Essex County Council in 1998, but it remains a part of the Essex County for ceremonial purposes.

Thurrock Council is in a unique financial position. It is the first top tier authority who not only successfully balanced the budget until 2021/22 without cutting services but is also well on its way to achieving its ambition to become self-sufficient from national revenue support grant funding.

Thurrock also offers over 18 miles of riverfront and 70% of its land is defined as Green Belt which is home to nature reserves, heritage locations and sites of special scientific interest. However, Thurrock is far from a place of rural solitude. It is the largest regeneration area in the UK, with £6.6 billion investment going into creating new housing and jobs over the next 10 years.

Thurrock is home to one of the UK’s biggest shopping malls and a haven for culture and creativity; there is plenty to do at the weekends in Thurrock. And with extremely easy access to the capital, the Eurostar and many of the UK’s major airports, the world’s offer is at your fingertips.