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There are a diverse range of entertainment options open to residents in Thurrock, which will only get better with the investments planned in the borough.

The Lakeside Shopping Centre is currently undergoing a new leisure development, with the first phase of the extension set to open in 2018. As part of the development, Hollywood Bowl will be joining the shopping centre, offering an American diner, a stylish bar and fun packed amusements and pool areas. As part of the extension, 10 more food and drink outlets will also open in 2018.

You can catch up with the latest movies at Vue cinemas, located within Lakeside Shopping centre. The cinema can seat over 1,300 guests and offers free parking to all visitors.

There are also many pubs in Thurrock with warm cosy interiors, relaxing beer gardens and drinks to suit all tastes.

For live entertainment, the Circus Tavern offers regular DJ club nights and concerts, plus boxing matches and darts contests, and regular live performances also take place throughout the year at The Thameside Theatre.

To find out more about events taking place in Thurrock, visit the Thurrock Council website.