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As part of Thurrock’s £6.6 billion investment, an estimated 14,000 new affordable homes will be built over the next 10 years, making Thurrock an excellent place to set up your life and career.

Average house prices throughout Thurrock are significantly lower and more affordable than those in nearby London. The average house price in Thurrock was reported by This is Money in 2016 at £192,576. These figures are incomparable to the rising average in London of £531,000. House values have been consistently rising in Thurrock with a 15.1% increase last year.

Grants are now also available to many Thurrock teachers as part of the Council’s key workers housing scheme. This could mean you qualify for help to buy your first home, move into a family home, or rent a home at an affordable price. For more information, check out our blog on the key worker housing scheme in Thurrock.

A new housing estate is currently being built in Thurrock and a number of houses have been secured for key workers.  This housing will be available from September. For more information on the scheme please visit the Help to Buy website or to find out more about the provisions in Thurrock specifically, please contact Thurrock Council directly.

For more information about some of the new housing developments in Thurrock, please take a look at the links below: