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Orsett Church of England Primary School

Orsett C.E. Primary School is a rural Church School, which opened in 1848. It is a Victorian built school situated in the lovely village of Orsett and has the benefit of the use of the surrounding areas and close links with the parish church of St. Giles.

All those who are connected with the life and work of Orsett C.E. Primary, including the Governing Body, staff, church and the Local Authority (LA), have been involved in realising the vision for our school (see Vision and Values Statement).

We believe that every child is a unique and special individual who has the right to the best possible education that we can provide and rooted in Christian principles. It is vital that every child is able to follow their own learning path as everyone has differing abilities in all areas and learns in a different way. Consequently, we aim to ensure that all children follow a broad and balanced curriculum, both during school hours and through extra-curricular activities, and that a variety of teaching methods are used so as to enable every child to realise their own potential. At all times we aim to ensure that every child has equal access to the best possible education and we are committed to the inclusion of all children catering for any specific needs that may arise for each individual child.

At Orsett everything that we decide upon within the school is being done with our children at the forefront of our thinking, as we believe that here at Orsett our children are firmly placed at the heart of all that we do.