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Shaw Primary Academy

At Shaw we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to achieve their very best and play an active part in their learning. We are committed to a curriculum that is creative, relevant and enjoyable so that learning becomes a life skill that allows all children to become valued and active members of their community.

OFSTED say: “Pupils are extremely polite and well mannered. They are confident and happy to engage in conversations about their school. All the pupils I spoke with were proud of their school. Conduct around the school is exemplary. Pupils’ relationships with each other and adults are a strength of the school. These are characterised by warmth, good humour and respect.”

We believe that these comments are a reflection of our commitment to provide opportunities for every child to experience success. We value all children’s achievement and celebrate excellence in academics, creativity, the arts, sports and personal development.

Staff at Shaw Primary are equally valued and when asked to contribute to a recent advert their comments included the following:

“You will be a valued member of staff who is encouraged, supported and motivated to be the best teacher you can be”

“Your professional judgement will be respected”

“Your strengths will be celebrated and areas for development will be supported in a non-threatening way”

“You will rarely take work home thanks to our innovative marking practice and our efficient approach to written planning”

“In short, School Leaders will care about you, your professional development and your work/life balance”

So, if you are looking to be a great teacher, working in a great school with great children, then don’t miss this opportunity to work at Shaw Primary Academy, a school where “everyone matters.”