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Stifford Clays Primary School

Stifford Clays Primary was born from the amalgamation of Stifford Clays Infant and Junior Schools, the original schools were built in 1954 and opened 1955.

The schools were much smaller then, only accommodating a maximum of 30 pupils in each year group, or 1 class each year. As the community grew, so did the schools. We now have 3 classes in each year (90 pupils) with 4 classes (120 pupils) in Year 1 and Year 2. We ensure a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, where the individual nature of every child is recognised and valued. All the staff, parents and governors are committed to working together to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

Stifford Clays Primary School is part of the South West Essex Community Education Trust. Other schools part of our Trust are, Deneholm Primary School, Chadwell St Mary Primary School and William Edwards Secondary School. The trust was formed to ensure the children of the Stifford Clays community and beyond receive an outstanding education offer from the ages 2 – 18.