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Tudor Court Primary


We are a ‘GOOD’ school with many strengths, as our last Ofsted Report confirms. The children in our school are happy and safe and make good progress in their learning.

We have a very capable staff, who work hard to ensure children have the best opportunities. We have a good reputation in the community.

We want all of our children to be happy and successful in school. Our children enjoy coming to school, work hard and are caring toward each other.

The School’s Aims and Ethos encourages everyone in school to be an active and responsible member of the community with both rights and responsibilities.

Children from our local community, come from many different starting points in their learning, different backgrounds, cultures and religions. We are one community and all have the right to feel safe and happy when in our care. We care about all aspects of children’s learning including their social and emotional development.

Good education is about a partnership between school and home and involves the staff, parents and most importantly the child. We do all that we can to enable good partnerships and encourage clear communication between each party. The wider community and outside agencies are used to enhance children’s support and learning.

Children have different needs according to their age and ability. Our curriculum is suited to their needs. Throughout the whole school the curriculum is organised so that the vital skills of Literacy and Numeracy are given full attention, whilst providing a broad and balanced curriculum. Teachers use different styles and techniques to teach in order to give children of all ages an opportunity to find the best way for them to find success.

The school is well resourced with excellent facilities.